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Deb Dana, LCSW: Polyvagal Theory for Therapist Self-Regulation
Eduardo Duran, PhD: Bringing Indigenous Wisdom into Psychotherapy

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The 2nd Annual Compassion In Therapy Summit has come to a close! Thank you so much for joining us...

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Thank you for joining us!

The 2nd Annual Compassion In Therapy Summit ran from April 20-24. If you missed the summit, you can still own the entire summit by clicking below!

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Bessel van der Kolk, MD, Licia Sky and Christopher Germer, PhD

Live Keynote: New Embodied Approaches to Healing Trauma
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The theme for day of the Summit is “Compassion in the Therapeutic Relationship”.

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On Day 1, we explored how to integrate mindfulness, compassion and self-compassion into your work to better support your clients

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  • Polyvagal theory is amazing. I am so glad to hear about it and use it in therapy sessions.

  • Thank you for confirming and giving a name to what I practiced in many years of psychotherapy! And I not only found new understandning and explanations but most of all many more ideas and practices!

  • I enjoyed the summit a lot, although I could join in just a couple of times.
    I´m a psychotherapist from Vienna, Austria, Europe.
    All the best to you all and thank you so much!

  • I am YOGA practitioner since couple of years from India. I am interested to know how to make fellow human beings to live peacefully..

  • I am a certified leader for Yoga of 12-Step Recovery (Y12SR) and I missed the session on compassion in addiction therapy on Day 5. Is there any way I can access just this session? Most grateful.

  • Thank you so much for sharing this summit. I appreciate that you made it available to people like myself who are retired and looking for work so are currently on a more fixed income. Once again, thank you so much

  • Such generous, heartful and informative sessions and so appreciate this opportunity. THANK YOU one and all. – Kindra Douglas, Nelson New Zealand

  • Loved this conference, and anticipate learning more with you in future events. Thank you for the expertise you s[

  • Fantastic summit with top experts in the field and tones of useful knowledge & insights. Thank you also for the opportunity to participate for free. Really appreciated by us students. x

  • I am grateful for this wonderful summit.Fascinating, enriching, thank you all, Magda-teacher from Poland

  • Deep gratitude to everyone involved with this profound and empowering summit. The speakers’ compassion and wisdom radiated around the world – literally! An especially important personal gift was that I shared insights and up-to-date neuroscience with my brother whose entire life has been distorted by early childhood trauma and prolonged physical abuse. He finally acknowledged that PTSD was at the root of his lifelong alcohol addiction and started reading “The Body Keeps the Score” the day following the closing keynote talk. I nearly wept with relief and gratitude. Thank you so very much!

  • It feels that no words can express my deep hearted thanks and appreciation to all the team that organized this outstanding summit, to the lecturers and interviewers. This was an amazing, enriching and inspiring experience!!! I feel I learnt so much from you all! May you all keep spreading your enormous light, knowledge, love, kindness and compassion all over this planet.